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Winning Warm-ups for Voice Medium Low Female (DP2)

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...very helpful for my students

I have reviewed the Winning Warm-ups CD and have decided that this would be very helpful for my students. The exercises fit very well with my own teaching approach and I think having the CD will insure that they get a thorough warm-up.

Great products.

I would like to tell you that your warm-up cd's are the best that I have found. Nothing else I have tried, or given my students to try even come close to the level of the professional warm-up you provide on the CD. Thanks for such great product!

Invaluable tool for singers

What a great idea! One cannot always have a piano at one’s disposal. This recording will be an invaluable tool for singers at all levels.

Thomas Wikman, Founder of Music of the Baroque, Chicago, IL

Wonderful tool for singers of all levels

Winning Warm-ups for the Voice is a wonderful tool for singers of all levels!! The programs offer basic and advanced vocal exercises that can be used anywhere. They challenge singers to sing both legato and staccato. They help build stamina and work all aspects of vocal technique. This CD is a must and complements any existing vocal program with variety and ease. With Winning Warm-ups vocal exercises are fun, refreshing, and always on hand.

Reviews 1-4 of 4